What does Cardsender offer you?

  • Free software to design a postcard (App)
  • Printing of your one-off picture (individualized service)
  • Stamp will be applied by hand
  • Daily submission to the post office (weekdays only)
  • Postage is included in the price

from $1.49

Voucher codes:

You want to use Cardsender regularly and don't want to go through the payment process every single time? We reward returning customers: You can select between three voucher bundles or buy a voucher for any number of cards. For each batch of ten cards, we give you one free card extra! Voucher codes can be used in our apps as well as on the websites of autoprint GmbH and its partners. You pay by entering your personal voucher code which remains valid until you used up the number of cards you chose to buy. Vouchers not used up within 24 months become invalid.

All prices include taxes where applicable.

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